Hardangervidda is perfect for hiking during summer and cross country skiing at winter times

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Experience Hardangervidda, the largest high mountain plateau in Northern Europe. This vast mountain plauteau offers beautiful nature with rich flora and fauna, and lots of fishing opportunities. The national park has a wide network of trails connected by the Norwegian Trekking Association’s  (DNT) many staffed lodges and self-service cabins.

Rjukan is one of the best starting points for hikes on the Hardangervidda. You can take the boat Fjellvåken II over the lake Møsvatn to Mogen Turisthytte (tourist lodge), take the cable car Krossobanen from the town centre, drive to Kalhovd Turisthytte (tourist lodge) or take the boat MB Mårfjord to Mårbu Turisthytte.


Hiking suggestions:


Gvepseborg - Helberghytta - Kalhovd Turisthytte

Distance: (Gvepseborg – Helberghytta): 8 km

Time: 2 hours

Distance: (Helberghytta- Kalhovd Turisthytte): 24 km

Time: 6 hours

Helberghytta: DNT key

Kalhovd Turisthytte: Staffed lodge

Map: Hardangervidda Sør – Øst 1: 60 000


Kalhovd – Stordalsbu - Mogen

Distance: (Kalhovd – Stordalsbu): 23 km

Time: 5 hours

Distance: (Stordalsbu – Mogen): 16 km

Time: 4 hours

Kalhovd and Mogen: Staffed lodges

Stordalsbu: DNT key

Map: Hardangervidda Sør – Øst 1: 60 000

Kalhovd 10032

The boat Fjellvåken II from Mogen to Skinnarbu 


Kalhovd Turisthytte – Mårbu Turisthytte

Distance: 22 km

Time: 6 hours

Staffed lodges

Map: Hardangervidda Sør – Øst 1: 60 000

Kalhovd 10032


Mårbu – Lågaros – Mogen 

Distance (Mårbu – Lågaros): 29 km

Time (Mårbu – Lågaros): 7 hours

Distance (Lågaros – Mogen): 18 km

Time (Lågaros – Mogen): 5 hours

Mårbu and Mogen: Staffed lodges

Lågaros: DNT key

Map: Hardangervidda Sør – Øst 1: 60 000

Kalhovd 10032

Fjellvåken II from Mogen to Skinnarbu 


Lufsjå – Imingfjell Turistheim

Lengde: 22 km

Time: 6 hours

Lufsjå: DNT key

Imingfjell Turistheim: Staffed lodges

Map: Kalhovd 10032


Please note that the cabins have different opening dates and that during off-season you will need a DNT key. Please visit www.ut.no for more information. 


Map & Directions

Hiking on Hardangervidda


Torget 2, 3660, Rjukan
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Kalhovd Turisthytte, TinnKalhovd Tourist Cabin is a cosy lounge with a fireplace and a dining room seating 60 – 80 people.

After a hike at Hardangervidda you can stay the night at Kalhovd Tourist Cabin Kalhovd Turisthytte, TinnKalhovd lies on the east bank of the Kalhovd Fjord, at the eastern rim of the Hardanger Plateau and is a natural gateway to the plateau.

Fishing at HardangerviddaHardangervidda national park - southeastern part, TinnHardangervidda is the largest national park in Norway, and the scenery is varied with steep mountainsides and spectacular views.

M/B Mårfjord, Nore Og Uvdal

Mårbu Turisthytte, TinnMårbu is a natural stopover for a cabin-to-cabin tour on Hardangervidda. The cabin is situated at Skartåkervollen on the shore of Søre Nordmannsslepa.

Lufsjå Turisthytte, TinnAt 1230 m.a.s. on the southeast side of Lake Lufsjå you will find Lufsjå - a good startingpoint for exploring the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau.

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